All of the concert donations for Alleluia Orchestra and Twin Cities Praise Symphony go directly into a ministry of the host church’s choosing. Using our music to create and share resources with local church communities is a critical part of our ministry.

To avoid pulling resources from our host church, Psalm 150 Ministries assumes responsibility for expenses like equipment rental, publicity materials, music purchases, and other administrative costs. To continue our mission, we humbly ask for your donation to Psalm 150 Ministries. A one-time or continuing donation helps alleviate our operating expenses, allowing our ministry to continue growing and sharing love for Christ Jesus as widely as possible.

By donating, you help

  • Partner in our mission to connect people with Jesus by glorifying Him with our music and message
  • Purchase, transport, and maintain instruments
  • Buy music for our concerts
  • Rent instruments and equipment
  • Support mission trips for Christian musicians
  • Promote and share our ministry with the world
  • Cover miscellaneous administrative expenses 

Your donation DIRECTLY funds our ministry.